Never To Part Icons

Icons Made by Fabala42

Icons by Fabala42
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Yeah, these are all icons made by me, fabala42. I take requests officially, and so I am the only to post icons here.

Most people here are people I know, but feel free to join.

Please credit if you choose to take any icons, just credit either neverpart_icons or fabala42.

That's all I can think of now!

MAKING ICON REQUESTS: There are a few simple ways to make icon requests.
1. Comment in an entry with your resquest
2. Photos are much appreciated. They save me time, and will more likely come out to be what you want
3. Please supply any text you'd want with the icon. If you don't supply text, either I will (which can be disasterous), or you will have no text at all.
4. Promise to credit me

As soon as someone is added in the community, they will be removed from posting. As time goes, I may add people, allowing free posting, etc., so this is just for now. Please bear with me as I get this community in order. :o)